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Access 40,000+ instruments – across asset classes – to trade, hedge and invest from a single account.

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We build digital platforms to facilitate multi-asset market access and provide clients of all sizes with professional-grade tools, industry-leading prices and world-class service.

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We connect traders and investors to a full range of global markets from a single account. Trade, invest or hedge across over 42,000 instruments – including forex, CFDs, stocks, futures, options and more

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When you invest in a Binary Investment Inc Select portfolio, you can rest assured that your money is in the best possible hands. We’ve partnered with world-leading asset managers, including BlackRock and Morningstar, to create a range of low-cost, institutional-quality portfolios. They are automatically rebalanced to adapt to changing market conditions, and continually target the highest returns for the risk-level taken.

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Whether you need a quote on financial markets or insight into the Binary Investment's business areas, Binary Investment'sexperts and executive spokespeople are always available for comments to the media. Journalists are invited to address their inquiries to the Binary Investment's global press contact below.

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